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Aparis editions - in France, (where my books were published in the first edition), and Thebookedition (publisher internationnal) have a policy to provide books on demand in order to avoid wasting paper and books in PDF (Ebook). That is why we must make an application library.


My books are published under the titles:



The walking wounded heart

Words to the soul

Some experience of life



Overview of the book: 85 pages.

Discount : - 5%


A true story???


Serial killers fascinate, impress when they have nothing exciting or impressive! They are generally classified into two categories: the killers organized and unorganized evil sociopaths, psychotics. But if there was another, more dangerous class that goes unnoticed? Serial killers who kill is part of a lifestyle, but they do not want to attract attention, not least of all that remain discrete and are never discovered, because everything is calculated, controlled up the extreme, rampant in peace, with impunity?

Meeting / confrontation between two serial killers, a man and a woman with different motivations. One of them will change the lives of those crossed on his way for good or evil.

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Overview of the book: 42 pages.

Discount : - 5%


Sometimes life requires us to test more or less overcome. Depending on the nature of each of these are crossed with sometimes irreversible damage. But as an individual who loses his sight is left with some of the most developed sense, one who went through unbearable pain seen some of it to die, of course this is invisible to all, then follows the développpement exacerbated some feelings. The story of the experience of unpleasant experiences may be useful to others where this book! Example topics: Pedophiles, reaction of a child in front of ...

Pedophiles: reactions of a child facing ...

Lose 40 kg without back ... and maintain self-esteem ...

How to get out of a sect ...



breakup, how to manage

other social issues

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Overview of the book: 81 pages.

Discount : - 5%


It seems that the vampires only come out at night, live forever, unless they are butchering them planting a stake through the heart, by burning them or cutting off their heads. That may be true for the majority, but over the centuries, sometimes an exception to us, one being selected, the chosen one, more powerful, strange and close to us, a woman of abundant vampire power to be feared?

Here is his story: Jade 17, finds himself decked out, unbeknownst to him, a gift she has a hard time accepting. Support of his friends will help deal with his enemies, but the price to pay to become a higher being will be heavy ... - A band of courageous young friends that are welded to the death?


a new legend about the origin of vampires (2 levels)

magicians / sorcerers

a magic weapon

of love

courage of friendship

death ...

choosing a life that will affect many more ...


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Overview of the book: 95 pages.

Discount: - 15%

Love, we all seek love, forever ... Meet the other is not so complicated, using all means at our disposal, but find it and post information to keep it, make sure the flame .. . We start with a register on the net messaging very lucrative for those who live and it all starts, both good and bad encounters ...

This book is the experience via the mail, feminine side, with tips to avoid meeting some people suspicious and not to fall into the trap of dependence on each other when the emotional gap is too big!


Stories of individuals encountered:





unexpected lightning








psychoanalyzed ...

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coeurgifs.gif Mail encounters: social status and the criteria of size and weight are not in the cards, it is the rule


Detox program,lost 4 kg in 6 days




Principle :


Clean the body by « working » organ-specificday.

Drink 1 ½ liters of water a day, do not drink ½ hour before and ½ hour after meals or during. The evening meal is the same as lunch. Possibility of bloating on Thursday, but persevere.

Breakfast is always the same except Thursdays (because the gas towers are eliminated from the body) when it is added a yogurt.

If a food is not «edible » to you by taste, not replace it. Cooking without fat, salt normally. Not suitable for people with diabetes avoid a detox in menstrual period (this is useless!)


List of foods used:


Grapefruit, tea or coffee, biscuits, celery root, cooked ham, dry beans, buffalo meat, plain yoghurt 0% or not, ground beef, sauerkraut, tomatoes, eggs

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Overview of the book: 135 pages.

Discount: - 5%


Realistic contemporary poetry.

New edition of my book (more poems) : Words of souls (editions APARIS (France)
The poems are in French but not those rhymes in English, because replacing a word to find a rhyme that the sentiments expressed would be more or less ...
Become familiar and learn French with rhyming words is a fun way ...

"The short texts at the mercy of feelings.
Short texts, poetry and prose in the wind.
Love, tears, joys, traumas tastes bittersweet.
You, me, them, us, for all, not jealous.
The words in rhyme, words of pain often.
The hope is king, because without it no one alive.

I write, I cry and I whisper to you.
I let each brand metric like armadillo.
Freedom is violated, I take
the verb panting like a hurricane
to ease, dropping the lock
of those who gagged on his knees crying.
Short texts at the mercy of feelings.
Short texts that I give you darting. "
Patricia Lepetit

"Des textes courts au gré des sentiments.
Des textes courts, poésie, prose au vent.
Amour, pleurs, joies, traumas goûts aigre-doux.
Toi, moi, eux, nous, pour tous, aucun jaloux.
Les mots en rimes, des mots de peine souvent.
L'espoir est roi, car sans lui nul vivant.
J'écris, je crie et je murmure à vous.
Je laisse chaque marque comme métrique tatou.
La liberté est bafouée, je prends
le verbe haletant tel un ouragan
pour soulager, faire tomber le verrou
de ceux qui muselés crient à genoux.
Des textes courts au gré des sentiments.
Des textes courts que je vous livre dardant."


The end of world


That's it for the umpteenth time we announced,
the end of the world is for the 21,
December 21, 2012.
All will crumble, worlds have no answer
frightened to give men in vain. All will end in huge orgy!
Wait, let me count to twelve.

End of time, it's true? When?
End of the world and then, what's the problem?

What do you think you? You expect from me an answer?
Carpe diem, then me 21 ...
December 21, 2012 ...
I do not care, death is my companion, who plunge
every day in the depths of her sweet breast,
December 21, 2012
that would make her faithful wife.

End of time, I do not care is when?
End of the world and then, the curse of God?

The man is a coward, afraid to die: he gives up.
The fear of taking charge, he complains.
December 21, 2012
if anxiety could bring them together, for one ounce
courage one would voluptuous
the finger to the oracles of the year twelve.
End of the World 2012, picouse big!

End of time is when I wait?
End of the world and then it's not a problem.

Let's stop me or I take the lead cusp
neurons that will eventually nothing.
December 21, 2012
so scared to do with you, live your life rather, dark,
even if this were true, that these niouses
of the month of December 2012
not make your life a great blues.

End of time is not important.
End of the ascends and then me it's carpe diem.

La fin de monde

Ca y est, pour une énième fois on nous l'annonce,
la fin du monde c'est pour le 21,
le 21 décembre 2012.
Tout va s'écrouler, les mondes n'ont pas de réponse
à donner aux hommes apeurés en vain.
Tout finira en immense partouze !
Attends, laisse moi compter jusqu'à douze.

Fin des temps, c'est vrai ? C'est pour quand ?
Fin du monde et alors, où est le problème ?

Qu'en penses-tu toi ? De moi tu attends une réponse ?
Carpe diem, alors moi le 21...
Le 21 décembre 2012...
Je m'en moque, la mort est ma compagne qui m'enfonce
chaque jour au plus profond de son doux sein,
le 21 décembre 2012
ne ferait d'elle que fidèle épouse.

Fin des temps, je m'en fiche, c'est quand ?
Fin du monde et alors, de Dieu l'anathème ?

L'homme est un trouillard, peur de mourir : il renonce.
La crainte de se prendre en main, il se plaint.
Le 21 décembre 2012,
si l'angoisse pouvait les rassembler, pour une once
de courage voluptueux ferait un
doigt d'honneur aux oracles de l'an douze.
Fin du monde 2012, grosse picouse !

Fin des temps, je t'attends c'est quand ?
Fin du monde et alors, c'est pas un problème.

Qu'on arrête de me prendre la tête sinon je fronce
des neurones qui finiront par plus rien.
Le 21 décembre 2012
si ça te fiche la trouille, vis plutôt ta vie, fonce,
même si tout ça c'était vrai, que ces niouses
sur ce mois de décembre 2012
ne fassent de ta vie un immense blues.

Fin des temps, c'est pas important.
Fin du monte et alors, moi c'est carpe diem.


Who am I?

A cascade of bubbles made ​​without calculation,
nectar feast that my inhibitions.
I laugh, I saw, I tell you everything.
I laugh, I saw, I love you all.

But who am I? Tonight ...

On caressing my delight, you heads.
I enter in you, as an amoeba.
And you say yes, oh yes to everything!
And you say yes, oh yes below!

But who am I? Tonight ...

The nectar dripping gold pellets,
under your tongue I greedy lascivious vibrates.
Oh yes, yet, oh yes, everywhere.
Oh yes, again, oh yes, my everything.

But who am I? Tonight ...

Our bodies fail over together in ecstasy.
Two harmony of body, drunken free.
I laugh, you live, it is said.
I saw you laugh, we love each other everywhere.

I am me tonight ...

With or without nectar of love I am burning.
Love and sex is my balance.
Sex without love I dedicate myself.
Love always, yes, I admit.

Qui suis-je ?

Une cascade de bulles versée sans calcul,
nectar de fête qui me désinhibe.
Je ris, je vis, je te dis tout.
Je ris, je vis, je t'aime partout.

Mais qui suis-je ? Ce soir...

Sous mes caresses délices, tu capitules.
Je pénètre en toi, telle une amibe.
Et tu dis oui, oh oui à tout !
Et tu dis oui, oh oui dessous !

Mais qui suis-je ? Ce soir...

Le nectar d'or dégouline en granules,
sous ta langue goulue lascive je vibre.
Oh oui, encore, oh oui, partout.
Oh oui, encore, oh oui, mon tout.

Mais qui suis-je ? Ce soir...

Nos corps en extase ensemble basculent.
Deux harmonies de corps, ivresses libres.
Je ris, tu vis, on se dit tout.
Je vis, tu ris, on s'aime partout.

Je suis moi ce soir...

Avec ou sans nectar, d'amour je brûle.
Amour et sexe c'est mon équilibre.
Sexe sans amour : je ne me voue.
Amour toujours, oui, je l'avoue.



Wind-driven certainty
I know:
the front partition is only the prelude,
in fact:
I have no regrets, my attitude
She is
I get bogged down in this incompleteness,
in fact:
it suffices to show leniency,

I want to believe in you.
I want to know what?
then I will advance
to a new life.

Sometimes I feel like you're there.
Yes, but:
doubt overwhelm me back and there
search make me the reason that

that your love cover me at night,
and reassured in your breast asleep.

I want to believe in you.
Finally find your voice.
Essence of life, golden rain.
You are the divine, so hard!

When I see them, fighting in your name,
I hate
they justify their cruelty unnamed
by hatred towards those who think like them.
we all do one day with tears in their eyes,
to receive your love light.

I want to believe in you.
I want to know what?
I will find time
some comfort.

They all think hold your truth,
in fact
their actions betray them and I'm tired.
where you carry me, if you are. guided
unknowingly by your breath discrete
who knows!
I wonder if one day you are?

I want to believe in you.
Finally find your voice.
I wonder still.
Doubt consume me.

I am told: look around you hey ...
It's done.
Creation or mere chance I do not know.
Yes, but
a cell as large a world made ​​me
then to God the giver of life, great.
If done: all the shouting and crying of humanity ...

Stop them!

I want to believe in you.
I want to know what?
But sometimes I minore
my thirst for comfort.

Croire ?

Poussée par le vent de la certitude
je sais :
l'avant n'est que partition, le prélude,
en fait :
des regrets je n'ai pas, mon attitude
elle, fait
que je m'enlise dans cette incomplétude,
en fait :
il suffit de faire preuve de mansuétude,

Je voudrais croire en toi.
Je voudrais savoir quoi?
J'avancerai alors
vers un nouvel essor.

Parfois j'ai l'impression que tu es là.
Oui mais :
le doute revient me submerger et là,
je vais
chercher au font de moi le pourquoi qui

que ton amour me couvrirait la nuit,
et rassurée en ton sein : endormie.

Je voudrais croire en toi.
Trouver enfin ta voix.
Essence de vie, pluie d'or.

Toi le divin, si fort!

Quand je les vois, se battant en ton nom,
je hais
qu'ils justifient leur cruauté sans nom,
par la haine vers ceux qui ne pensent comme eux. Prier :
nous le faisons tous un jour larmes aux yeux,
pour recevoir ton amour lumineux.

Je voudrais croire en toi.
Je voudrais savoir quoi?
Je trouverai alors
un peu de réconfort.

Ils pensent tous détenir ta vérité,
en fait
leurs actes les trahissent et j'en ai assez.
là où tu m'emporteras, si tu es.
sans le savoir par ton souffle discret,
qui sait !
J'aimerais savoir un jour si tu es?

Je voudrais croire en toi.
Trouver enfin ta voix.
Je m'interroge encore.
Le doute me dévore.

On me dit : regarde autour de toi eh !...
C'est fait.
Création ou simple hasard je ne sais.
Oui mais,
une cellule aussi vaste qu'un monde me fait
alors vers Dieu donneur de vie, parfait.
Si fait :
tous les cris et pleurs de l'humanité...


Je voudrais croire en toi.
Je voudrais savoir quoi?
Mais parfois je minore
ma soif de réconfort.

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